Join Us The Night Before the Cruise!

Join us Friday, August 24th at the Adelphia for a Q&A session with former athletes, including:

Rose Bowl MVP Cornelius Green, Jimmie Bell, Nate Oliver, Jamal Luke, Nick Buonamici, Jack Park, Dimitrious Stanley and MORE!

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The Buckeye Bob Chris Custer Foundation exists because my wife's son, Chris, was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. Our goal is to cure cancer, one child at a time.

Hear From People Involved

Tim Turner
Buckeye Bob's Chris Custer Foundation is doing amazing work in our community. It's been a blast being involved!
Ashley Goddard
We have been struggling since December 2016 with the diagnosis of our son Steven. He is only 19 months old and has spent most of his life in a hospital. Without the Foundation we wouldn't be able to make trips to Columbus or survive while in Columbus with food and such. This foundation is so amazing I am so happy with what they do for families such as mine.